“Structural Integration is about the whole person, it is about connective tissue, fascia and feeling. The sensation of moving from weakness to strength, the exhilaration of owning a new part 
of oneself, the immediate and simultaneous 
re-education of one's being and action” 
Dr Ida P. Rolf


Are you suffering from chronic tension or stress in your body? Is your posture poor or uncomfortable?
Are you recovering from accident, injury, illness, surgery or emotional trauma?


Sometimes called rolfing after the founder Dr. Ida Rolf with a variation being marketed as KMI Bodywork in the UK 
Structural Integration is a deep form of bodywork which gives lasting structural change. It releases holding patterns and 
injuries in your body, integrating the body segments into one balanced unit so you can move more easily.


As we go through life our bodies are damaged by accident, illness, physical and emotional trauma and stress. Our adult form often loses the balanced and easy posture we had as children or young adults.Shoulders get stiff, feet turn out, lower backs become hollow, necks can stiffen and settle into our shoulders. As our bodies become unbalanced our physical strain starts to spills over into our relationships and the way we handle daily life. Descriptions of body postures - such as 'shouldering the burden' or 'pain in the neck' - have become ingrained in our daily language.

Dr. Rolf described our bodies as plastic, meaning that they can lose their structure as we go through life, becoming de-formed. Structural Integration re-forms the damaged tissue and aligns body segments. This releases old patterns of pain or emotional holding, thus enabling the body to start healing.Structural Integration can transform your body in a way nothing else can...


Less pain; More energy Improved mobility; Better balance / feeling lighter; 
Greater athletic performance; Greater breathing capacity; More fluid, graceful movement; 
Softer more flexible feet; Appearing taller and slimmer; Greater self confidence.


I have found that treating scars with Low Level Laser is the best option available.   It softens tight tissue and improves cellular health in areas of damage.  One of the biggest challenges in treating patients has always been getting the energy to flow through scarring from accidents or surgery.  Since I have started using Low Level Laser to improve the scars and adhesions around them I have found that my patients with long term health problems have benefited immensely.   Laser treatment is painless but very powerful and compliments my training in soft tissue and energetic therapy. 


When I first met Jo Radley, I was in a 'healing crisis' and desperately needed help. The whole top half of my torso was leaning to the right and my head was also ‎leaning forward. I was in great pain and I just couldn't straighten myself up.  After just one healing session from Jo, I was able to walk with a straight back, not leaning to the right at all and I was in no pain whatsoever.

Jo used a technique called 'Rolfing', developed by Dr Ida Rolf and I subsequently began to see Jo on a regular basis, for Rolfing, spiritual healing and acupuncture, too.  Whenever my family or friends have any issues that require professional help, Jo is always the first port of call and she has greatly helped, through her treatments, both my sons, and my Mum too.

Jo is a very highly experienced healer, is very intelligent, very compassionate and caring and is also highly intuitive, when assessing a person's individual needs. In a world that needs far more complimentary healers, Jo is a truly beautiful soul and a shining light, that shines very brightly indeed.  Peter Ebdon  World Snooker Champion 2002

Athletics has been my passion since childhood. However, two road traffic accidents at ages 11 and 24 meant that by my late 30’s my body could no longer cope with the training and competition I enjoyed so much and I seemed to be forever injured, suffering particularly with lower back problems, hamstring and calf strains and tears. I was also working in a stressful job and my energy levels were suffering as a result. I couldn’t sleep for more than 6 hours a night, as lying in bed for too long made my body ache and when I got up, I would hobble around trying to get my body moving before I could do anything.

All in all, I was becoming increasingly concerned how I would cope with life as I got older and feared that I would not enjoy the healthy, active retirement I had always envisaged for myself, let alone continue with my athletics.

A friend, who had heard of structural integration, suggested that it might help me with my problems and that there was a practitioner in the area and so it was from that lead that I started working with Jo in 2006.

Jo’s unique combination of Rolfing and traditional acupuncture has been life changing for me. I feel like I have been given a second body and it's only looking back now that I can see how bad things had got for me back then! There is still work to be done, but then the human body just isn’t designed to cope with the amount of punishment mine has suffered, so fixing me was never going to be a 5 minute job!

Nevertheless, I am now back to regular, low intensity training and I hope to be able to get back to competition training in the not too distant future. I am also confident that I will be able to enjoy a fit and active old age and that in itself has been worth all the treatment.
MH (Tamworth)