Dear Patients and Friends,

It has been necessary for me to close my clinic for face to face appointments.

I will keep working to support you and instead will be offering online sessions with face to face time via video and also distant healing.  Distant healing (also known as distance or absent healing) is a method of diagnosing and giving healing to a person (or animal) without them being physically present. It is part of many healing traditions.  Healing is given with the intention of helping to restore balance – it can help on the mental, emotional and physical levels.

As some of you will know I have been involved in distant healing through the College of Healing in Malvern for the last 20 years.  I am part of an Advanced Healing Group which deals with complex cases internationally and a Tutor on the two-year Professional training course.  In the past, we have specialised in helping people with cancer, viral conditions, and both acute and long-term health problems so dealing with the current virus won’t be very different.

We have a specialised way of working, using two people for safety.  While one person is doing the work, another person is protecting them.  This is important when working energetically in this manner.  We can also set up protection around homes, and work with businesses.

This way of working takes time to develop and all the healers in Advanced Healing Group have undergone a minimum of 7 years training and have taken a two-year professional healing course plus 3 extra advanced healing modules.

The person receiving healing MUST give their permission for healing to be given. If they are under 18 then a parent or guardian must give permission.

If you have not already seen me for healing or acupuncture, or if your symptoms have changed then I will need to take a case history from you over the telephone or video call.  This will be a one-hour session (half an hour to talk and half an hour’s healing).

I will be offering different types of sessions.

  1. A standard healing session where I send you healing for half an hour at a set time.
  2. Healing for viral conditions where 2 healers are needed to do the work.  These are offered in blocks of three sessions because of the amount of work needed.
  3. Healing for businesses where two healers are needed to do the work.

My charges for these sessions are:

Standard Healing sessions                                         £ 30

Standard Healing session with online consultation   £ 60

Healing for viral or complicated conditions           £150 (3 sessions)

Healing for businesses                                                £150 (2-3 sessions)

You are welcome to book sessions individually or in blocks of three or five.

If you would like extra help and support over this difficult time, or if you would like me to support a friend or relative who gives their permission, please contact me via email or text.

A great book about Distance Healing is Healing in a Hospital by Sandy Edwards who received a grant to do healing in a hospital setting for two years.  The results were so good they published them in The Lancet

Kind regards,

Jo Radley

Contact details:


Mobile (text only) 07775 838842

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